Gary Tong

Gary started his discipline in Shaolin Kung Fu over 30 years ago under the guidance of Grandmaster Alan Lee. He later discovered Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, studying with Dr John Wan-Yuin Chang of Baltimore, MD.  He teaches not only the physical movements of Tai Chi Chuan but also the adhering principles required for practicing and mastering the art. Gary taught Tai Chi and Chi Kung at the Baltimore Tai Chi Study Association and to many others through out the country. He's a member of Healing Society and World Tai Chi and Qigong organizations, promoting global health and enlightenment through the healing arts of Tai Chi,  Chi Kung and Meditation. Gary's vision is to share the knowledge and love of these healing arts and help in creating a harmonious society.

"The journey we are traveling is not geographical; it is the distance between our heart and mind. When we conquer that distance, we can soar like eagles."

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining,

Sifu Gary