Carlee Kalyani Cohen

After receiving a Masters degree from Columbia Teachers college, and working with children with autism for years, Carlee felt something was still missing from her life.  In 2000 she began practicing yoga primarily at Integral Yoga Institute in New York City.  Soon after, she received her 270-hour teaching certificate in Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath work) through Integral Yoga under the direct supervision of Swami Ramananda (president, Integral Yoga New York City). In the meantime, Carlee attended many workshops on various topics of Yoga: Yoga for the Special Child, Hip Opening I & II, Meditation I & II, Everyday Sadhana (spiritual practice), Chakra Opening, Mantra (sacred sound) Repetition, Kirtan (chanting), Hatha as a Creative Source, Laughter Meditation, Dharma, Mudras (energy seals), Nutrition/Ayurveda, Ashtangha, Anusara, Science of Breathing, and she continues to further her study.

“Yoga has many facets that contribute to a peaceful, happy, healthy life. Yoga has transformed my life on many levels and I continue to  study meditation and integration into life.  My favorite thing is sharing this with others.“

Carlee has worked with children with disabilities and typical children in private and group settings.  Working with organizations such as Karmapalooza and Universal Lightworkers Association has been a true blessing.

Carlee received the name Kalyani from Swami Ramananda and it represents that place inside of each of us that feels so blessed, fortunate, and blissful.  May all beings feel this Bliss.